Wire Fraud Alert



In the interest of protecting our Buyers and Sellers, Terry Lee Wilson, LLC would like to disclose that WHEN WE SEND YOU WIRING INSTRUCTIONS IT WILL ALWAYS BE PROVIDED THROUGH OUR SECURE CLOSING MANAGER PORTAL OR SENT VIA SECURE EMAIL IF REQUESTED. We REQUIRE that you call our office to confirm and verify the instructions verbally prior to sending any wires. Cyber Criminals are gaining access to email accounts and sending emails with fake wiring instructions. Attorneys, Agents, Lenders and your own personal email accounts are all susceptible to being hacked. These emails are convincing and sophisticated and often replicate email signatures and logos tricking the recipient to believe they were sent from a trusted source.

Some of the indicators that an email is fraudulent are:

  • “Sent from iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices.”
  • In the process of replying to the email, the recipient’s address will change from whom it appeared to come from.
  • Continuous or pestering emails inquiring whether you have submitted your wire claiming that closing will be delayed unless the wire is sent immediately.

  • NEVER wire money without double-checking that the wire instructions are correct.
  • BUYERS: You will be required to wire your cash to close if the amount is greater than $5,000.00. You will receive wire instructions with your settlement statement just before closing. Please touch base with your financial institution to verify their policies and procedures regarding wire transfers.
  • SELLERS TAKE PRECAUTION: If you send us instructions to wire closing proceeds to your account, always independently confirm wiring instructions in person or via a telephone call to our office in order to confirm receipt and account information.

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