Seller Information Sheet

Was the property the seller’s primary residence 2 of the last 5 years:

Is the seller a resident of GA?:

If Seller is a Corporation, please note that the Operating Agreement is required. Please forward your Operating Agreement with this completed form.

Additional Property & Seller Information Required

Is there a Home Owner’s Association?

Are the fees/dues/assessments Mandatory?

** Please note there may be a fee associated with ordering the HOA closing letter. Please see the community disclosure attached to your contract for additional information on who will be paying this fee, if applicable.**

Water Fees?

If yes, select one:

Will there be a Power of Attorney needed?

Please note that if there is a Power of Attorney and/or a Quit Claim Deed required, contact our office so we may discuss the procedures involved. There will be a charge of $60 plus recording fees for each Power of Attorney and/or Quit Claim Deed required. If you already have a Power of Attorney, our office will need to review. Please send a copy asap. Please keep in mind that a power of attorney cannot be a party involved in the transaction: IE: the realtor or a member of the staff who works for the realtor.

Will all sellers be present at closing?

Are any Owners Deceased?

(If yes, we will need a copy of the certified death certificate if one has not been recorded with the Clerk of Court)

Is the property being sold part of a final divorce settlement agreement or part of a pending divorce?

If yes, please provide a copy of your settlement agreement. If your divorce is in process and is not finalized, please provide contact information for your divorce attorney

Is the Property in the name of a Trust?

(If yes, please provide a copy of the Trust Agreement with this form)

Has Bankruptcy been filed?

Are your property taxes under Appeal?

Payoff Information-Seller-Please Type or Print Clearly and Fill Out Completely

1st Mortgage:

2nd Mortgage:

Is this an equity Line?

Is this an equity Line?

This is to authorize Terry Lee Wilson, LLC to obtain any information on my above referenced mortgage loan account. I further acknowledge and agree that applicable fees may be assessed to my account as a result of the third party’s requests. Fees may be charged per item, per request and are subject to change. This authorization does not expire until revoked by me.

At closing, do you wish to receive your proceeds by

If you wish to receive a wire transfer, we will need the following information (you can provide it on this form or bring the information separately to closing):

Written wire instructions from your financial institution are best since many have a different WIRE routing number than that shown on your check or deposit slip. Additionally, many have intermediary banks.
Proceeds MUST be payable to the persons or entities showing of record on title. We are sorry, but there are no exceptions.

Once you have completed these forms please fax or email to our office to the contact listed below:
Email: andrew@wilsonhamilton.com
Phone: (706)946-6808
Fax: (706)946-6809

Blue Ridge Office

316 Summit Street,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Ellijay Office

589 Highland Crossings,
Ellijay, GA 30540